Skin irritation when trail running

What should runners be prepared for?

Trail running is a great way to keep fit and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, it is also an activity that comes with certain risks, especially when it comes to skin irritation or injury. In this article, we look at the most common skin irritations/injuries that can occur while trail running and how best to avoid them.

Blisters are one of the most common skin irritations that can occur while trail running. They are caused by friction between the skin and shoes or socks. Blisters can be very painful and limit the ability to walk or exercise.

To avoid blisters, it is important to wear comfortable and fitting running shoes that are suitable for trail running. It is also advisable to wear moisture-wicking socks to reduce friction between the skin and the shoes.

Chafing can be caused by clothing or equipment rubbing against the skin. Breathable, moisture-wicking clothing and well-fitting gear should be worn to avoid chafing. Chafing spots can also become inflamed or at least uncomfortable and should be treated accordingly.

No matter how good your equipment is, your skin can become a limiting factor on trails.

Abrasion is another common skin irritation/injury associated with trail running. They are caused by contact with rough or sharp surfaces such as rocks or branches. Abrasions can be painful and restrict movement. In addition, they can cause an infection with external environmental influences, especially in the wild, if they are not properly cared for.

To avoid abrasions, it's important to stay alert and focused on the trail - something that becomes increasingly difficult as your strength slacks off. Should an abrasion nevertheless occur, it must be treated to protect the skin and prevent infection.

Irritated skin from intense sun exposure or even a sunburn is another skin irritation/injury that can occur when trail running, especially when running at higher altitudes where there is no shade or on sunny days. Sunburn can be very painful and increase the risk of skin cancer.
Sunscreen with the highest possible sun protection factor should therefore be applied before each run. However, should irritated areas of skin occur - face, shoulders, arms, calves are usually particularly affected - good aftercare is required to calm the irritated skin.

insect bites
Bug bites are another skin irritation that quickly becomes uncomfortable. They can cause swelling, itching, inflammation, and even allergic reactions. Even if insect bites appear only small at first, they should be treated to protect the irritated skin area from negative environmental influences and so that the skin can regenerate again.

Skin injuries from trail running can be very uncomfortable and painful, but with the right support, the negative effects can be limited. It is therefore always worthwhile to be prepared for skin irritations or injuries when trail running and to carry a protective and at the same time regenerating acute gel or wound spray with you.