Better performance thanks to Ultra Membrane Repair Technology

This is how your skin is supported when trail running

The skin is our largest organ and protects us from external influences. However, trail running exposes her to a variety of stresses, such as the scorching sun, biting wind, rain and dirt. The constant friction and sweating can lead to blistering and skin irritation. It's a struggle between the love for nature and the hardships it puts on our bodies.

The QiQu Ultra membrane protects the skin from environmental influences and at the same time helps to reduce skin irritation and inflammation

The Ultra membrane is a special biopolymer that forms an innovative membrane on the skin. It is one of the greatest innovations in performance skin care. The wafer-thin, air-permeable membrane helps to protect the skin from external environmental influences, while at the same time helping to reduce skin irritation and inflammation. It actively stabilizes the microbiome of the skin.

The wafer-thin Ultra membrane helps to protect the skin and reduce friction or restore the natural balance of already irritated skin areas, which can lead to faster skin recovery and a faster return to training.

Abrasion from falls or (unwanted) contact of the skin with stones, rocks or bushes can also throw the skin out of balance. In the worst case, this means the end of training or competition. This is where the special technology of the Ultra Membrane Trail Runner comes in handy. 

The Ultra Membrane is a revolutionary product developed after years of scientific research and testing. At its core, the unique biopolymer technology behind it is the result of a discovery made by a team of researchers in Germany studying the properties of shells from crustaceans, beetles and insects.

The Ultra membrane has been extensively tested and proven to provide relief and regeneration for irritated skin, making it a game-changing product in the trail running world.